Hiking trail to VOLTAIRE waterfalls


From the lodge, you can start walking to Voltaire waterfalls.

The 3,2 km of the easy foot trail have been recently cleaned. No way to be lost !


One hour minimum is necessary to walk quietly to marvelous waterfalls VOLTAIRE.


On your way, you will cross many little creek and different biotop.


Once arrived at the Voltaire waterfalls, enjoy swiming in the white waters or rest on the rock in the shade, in the bottom or even on the top of the hill.


Don't forget to keep the place clean !

One of the little wooden bridge on your way to waterfalls
The foot trail recently cleaned by ONF agent.
The foot trail follow the Voltaire creek
The white waters of VOLTAIRE waterfalls
Morning view from the top of the waterfall
Voltaire creek flooding the trail during reany season